Starting a Blog

Starting a blog.

First of all, all of the tips and tricks out there are crazy! I realize you have to begin with the end in mind, however; after scouring Pinterest post after Pinterest post I finally just decided to jump feet first! What is going to happen, it fails?? Then what?? My blogging days that barely started are over…. Oh well!

Coming up with a blog name is hard and challenging. Kudos to all those people out there who are creative and well crazy. For reals though.

I am hoping my approach is going to be realistic look at life. Like as a second year teacher… there is no way my classroom or activities are going to be that squared away, BUT I will sure try my hardest!

Nor will my dinners look that nice… for real though, you are just going to eat it.  Why spend half the time making it look amazing just so it can be eaten and look …. Well, not so amazing.

I do understand and could try and appreciate the thought though. Like you put all this time and effort might as well make it look good. Plus other people are going to respond better to that…right? Right.


Here is my plan:

  • Get my life on track.
  • Get healthy
  • Organized
  • Be more consistent.

My hope is that my giving this stuff a purpose (by informing the imaginary world of blogging about all my comings and goings).

Let’s see how long this last!

–Makin’ It Work


Special Thanks to the lovely ladies who helped name my blog and whom I am sure will be next to me on all my Misadventures! XOXO




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