To Narnia

Reading, it has been my passion and hobby since I was little. During my college years, I definitely slowed down to almost non- existent  reading. Now that I am finding myself on a better schedule and have some spare time for frivolous things, I am reading more.

Lately I have been rereading The Chronicles of Narnia. A series I read as child and felt the need to revisit.

Man am I glad I did so! Rereading this series as an adult has been great! Not only do I appreciate the literature a bit more but being able to dive into the adventure makes me feel like I am Lucy coming back after all those years. (Which it almost is…. except I am not Lucy, I am Manda and I am not a High Queen of Narnia 😦 sad) BUT! I can pretend to live it.

**Choose any one of the ‘I have lived a thousands lives’ quotes about readers and insert here** (seriously any number will do. I hear George R.R. Martin’s is good)

Rereading Narnia has also provided a nice escape from the dreaded Facebook and all the politics. For whatever reason, I am drawn to just aimlessly browse my Facebook feed for hours. Anymore, I am just upset at all the crazy politics. So I get my escape in Narnia!

Lets just take a second and appreciate the writings of C.S.Lewis. I am not sure if it is because I am not an English teacher and encourage my students to look for different elements or just because I am older and notice things more (or maybe I noticed it before and just didn’t remember 😦 ) HOWEVER! The Chronicles of Narnia are well written, like a storyteller telling a story.

The telescope of view is always changing and the many layers to the story that get unraveled. While I would say that most of the books tend to be a bit bottom heavy. i.e. most of the excitement is occurring at the end of the book. It pulls you through the story and to the end. C.S Lewis has built a trust that you rely on, that the story will be worth it. 

The lessons to be learned within the pages are also of importance. The best one I believe, is that there are consequences for our actions. Seen throughout each of the books, this theme presents itself in a variety of ways. While each of these lessons are taught in a very subtle way, it is still taught. Makes the heart happy.

I will continue to read the series and be more enlightened as I go. Currently in the middle of Prince Caspian.  Now this one truly has you hooked.

Just my two cents anyways!



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